Imen Fidar is providing a wide range of firefighting valves.
Isolation Valve
• Gate Valve
•Ball Valve
•Plug Valve
• Piston Valve
•Butterfly Valve
Regulation Valve
• Globe Valve
• Needle Valve
•Diaphragm Valve
Non Return Valve:
• Check Valve
Special Purpose Valve
• Multi-port Valve
•Float Valve
•Foot Valve
•Line Blind Valve
Control Valve:
• PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve)
•PSV(Pressure Safety Valve)
• Deluge Valve

The environment in which the valves are installed is also considered for selecting the materials of construction. However, the most common available materials are:
Cast Iron, Bronze, Gun metal, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Carbon Steel, Poly Propylene.