Alarm System / F&G

Fire and Gas Systems (F&G) Systems

A fire and gas detection system is a part of the control and safety systems covering the overall control and monitoring requirements for the field.

Imen Fidar Fire and Gas Systems (F&G) are designed to protect the plants from hazardous conditions. By monitoring areas where a fire or build-up of a potentially flammable environment may occur, the Fire and Gas Systems (F&G) can detect hazardous events, alert personnel and initiate timely actions in order to minimize the consequences of a critical event. Imen Fidar has experience in implementing F&G systems using client Cause and Effect diagrams.

Many of these applications have combined detection & protection systems which may be designed around various fire suppression media (IG, FM200, CO2, Foam, Water Mist and etc.).

Portable Gas Detectors

Flammable and toxic gas detection are generally available in two different formats: portable detectors and fixed. Portable gas detectors are compact, robust, waterproof and lightweight and can be easily carried or attached to clothing. They are also useful for locating the exact point of a leak which was first detected with a fixed detection system.

Portable gas detectors are available as single or multi gas units. The single gas units contain one sensor for the detection of a specific gas while multi gas units usually contain up to four different gas sensors (typically oxygen, flammable, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide).

Utilized items for F&G system:

  • F&G Panels
  • Conventional & Addressable Detectors and MCPs
  • Ex & Non-Ex Flame Detectors
  • Ex & Non-Ex Fire Alarm Flasher & Sounder.