Complete Detection

available pre-engineered systems:

Fire Trace (Fire Detection And Suppression System)
Fire Detection And Suppression System for electrical cabinets - indirect system is a detecting and extinguishing fires system without harming high value assets.
These System are for electrical cabinets and other enclosed areas with high-risk electric circuitry. Imen Fidar has developed systems that lead the world in many market segments, including protection of server rooms, medical and laboratory facilities, control rooms, libraries and museums, and many other sensitive environments.

  • Fast and effective fire detection and suppression for individual electrical cabinets
  • Installs directly inside cabinets among circuitry - closer to where a fire can start
  • A complete ready-to-install kit includes: Cylinder, Differential pressure valve, Sensor tubing, discharge tubing and nozzles, manual actuator, connectors and mounting brackets
  • For use with CO2 extinguishing agent (cylinders are delivered not filled)


  • Suppression agent: FM 200, CO2
  • Approval: CE
  • Cylinder sizes: 10 / 5 L