Unite for high risk


Units For High Risk Protection

All these stages are interconnected via a dedicated flexible fire hose network with
the aim to reduce materials involved and setup time
Highly reliable, versatile and easy to operate

  • Stand alone and specially designed based on scenarios of full surface fires and can be operated from a safe distance with simple and fast deployment
  • Unlimited operation time, due to easiness of recharge (while in function)
  • Booster pump for low pressure water supply systems and additional containerized boosting modules to allow water supply from either a natural
source (through containerized submersible pumps) or the plant water main ring

  • Pump bypass for high pressure water supply systems
  • Stream or fog jet pattern (water or foam)
  • Supply of foam to external equipment (low, medium, high expansion), either simultaneous to or independent from monitor operation
  • Water or foam flow capacity range from 8000 liters per minute up to 60000 liters per minute depending on monitor installed
Cost effective

  • One unit can protect more areas and the same truck can be used to transport different versions of the unit
  • The truck used to transport one unit can also be used for other services
  • Several versions can be carried by the same type of truck
  • No particular maintenance is required
Achieved performances flow rate 40,000 lt/min
These fire fighting systems are realized to be used during large-scale emergencies. They allow rapid intervention in any fire scenarios (industrial, chemical and
petrochemical, marine, urban) where long throw and high capacity are indispensable.
The pumping systems are more powerful than any other type of fire fighting system
used (generally triple that of a fire truck).
These mobile systems are among the largest in the world in terms of capacity,
throw, and pumping distance.
Typical composing modules:

  • Water intake and 1st boosting pump stage combined;
  • Intermediary boosting pump stage(s)
  • Delivering stage can be offered as an additional containerized boosting section
with monitor installed on top or as a trailer mounted monitor