Water Mist System



Water Mist Systems

Water mist fire suppression systems are becoming very popular and highly efficient fire-fighting. There are two types of water mist systems. The first type is a pre-packaged unit that can be used on volumes up to 9,175 cu. ft. The second type can be custom designed for any volume. The pre-packaged units include a skid mounted water tank and booster nitrogen cylinders. This system extinguishes the fire by both reducing the oxygen level in the room and cooling the fire below ignition. Water Mist has the unique ability to deliver water as a fine atomised mist. This mist is quickly converted to steam that smothers the fire and prevents further oxygen from reaching it. At the same time, the evaporation creates a significant cooling effect of combustion gases and blocks the transfer of radiant heat. In this way, Water Mist combines the fire suppression properties of both conventional water-based Deluge or sprinkler systems and gaseous fire suppression systems.
Utilising the unique properties of Water Mist, Imen Fidar has designed and developed both a low and a high-pressure version of Water Mist delivering droplet momentum to the seat of the fire.
Water Mist systems designed to combat a wide variety of specific fire risks within the industrial/commercial, marine, Oil & Gas and Power Generation/Transmission market sectors.
The NFPA 750 defines three pressure regions for water mist-generating technologies.